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A special thank you to Hockey Giant for sponsoring the TVHL this year. 

TVHL Championship Weekend 3/3-3/5- Bethlehem YMCA

Fri 3/3  6:45pm  18U (Midget) Hudson - Watertown (H) vs Troy-Albany (A) - Watertown Won!!

Sat 3/4  8:50am  10U (SQ) Hudson - Schenectady (H) vs Saratoga (A)-Schenectady Won!!

            10:35am  10U (SQ) Mohawk Upper - Schenectady (H) vs Troy-Albany (A)- Schenectady Won!!

            3:15PM   12U (PW) Mohawk - Schenectady (H) vs Saugerties (A)- Saugerties Won!!

            5:00PM   14U (BT) Mohawk Upper- Troy-Albany (H) vs Whitestown (A)- Whitestown Won!!

            6:45PM  12U (PW) Heldeberg -Saratoga (H) vs Clifton Park (A)-Saratoga Won!!

Sun 3/5 10:50AM  10U (SQ) Heldeberg - Schenectady (H) vs Saratoga (A) -Schenectady Won!!

            9:15AM 10U (SQ) Mohawk Lower  - Clifton Park (H) vs Saratoga (A)-Clifton Park Won!!

            3:00PM   14U (BT) Mohawk Lower - Saratoga (H) vs Clifton Park (A)-Clifton Park Won!!

            4:45PM   14U (BT) Hudson - Bethlehem (H) vs Saratoga (A)- Bethlehem Won!!


A special thank you to Bethlehem Youth Hockey for hosting this year's Championship weekend. We certainly had some great hockey games and all of the players and coaches should be proud.



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