Trophy Case


10U Hudson - 3/4 9:00am SCRF - #1 Schenectady vs #2 Bethlehem - Bethlehem Wins!!

10U Mohawk Upper-3/4 10:40am SCRF #1 Clifton Park vs #2 Schenectady- Schenectady Wins!!

10U Mohawk Lower-3/3 7:20am SCRF #1 Troy-Albany vs #2 Bethlehem -Troy-Albany Wins!!

10U Heldeberg -3/3 9:00am SCRF #1 Bethlehem vs #2 Troy-Albany Red- Troy-Albany Wins!!

12U Hudson -3/3 10:40am SCRF- #1 Saratoga vs #2 Saugerties-Saugerties Wins!!

12U Heldeberg -3/4 12:20pm SCRF #1 Troy-Albany vs #2 Schenectady- Troy-Albany Wins!!

14U Mohawk Upper -3/3 6:20pm SCRF - #1 Troy-Albany vs #2 Clifton Park- Troy-Albany Wins!!

14U Mohawk Lower -3/3 #1 Clifton Park vs #2 Troy-Albany  8:00pm SCRF - Clifton Park Wins!!

16U Hudson Upper -3/4 #1 Watertown vs #2 Bethlehem 10:30am Albany Academy-Bethlehem Wins!!

16U Hudson Lower-3/4 10:30am #1 Clifton Park vs #2 Whitestown - New Hartford Rec Center-Clifton Park Wins!!


2013-14 Tech Valley Hockey League Champions:


Hudson: Schenectady

Mohawk: Northern Berkshire

Heldeberg: Clifton Park


Pee Wees-

Hudson: Bethlehem

Mohawk:Troy Albany

Heldeberg Upper Regular Season Champions: Bethlehem **

Heldeberg Upper League Champions: Adirondack

Heldeberg Lower: Clifton Park

 ** due to a scheduling conflict the Bethlehem Heldeberg Upper team was unable to participate in the playoffs.  In recognition of their regular season efforts, they have been named regular season champions and will be recognized with a banner noting their accomplishment.


Hudson: Saratoga

Mohawk Upper: Utica

Mohawk Lower: Troy Albany



Hudson Upper:

Hudson Lower:


2012-13 Tech Valley Hockey League Champions:


Hudson: Bethlehem

Mohawk Upper: Troy/Albany

Mohawk Lower: Clifton Park

Heldeberg Upper: Bethlehem

Heldeberg Lower: Schenectady


Pee Wees-

Hudson: Saratoga

Mohawk Upper: Saratoga

Mohawk Lower: Adirondack



Hudson: Saratoga

Mohawk Upper: Adirondack



Hudson: Saratoga

Mohawk: Clifton Park